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A great place to sit: Design chairs

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GUIDE: Chairs

"There are two types of people: the ones that sit a lot and the ones who sit even more" the Stern writes in its report Healthy sitting: How to prevent back pains.


We sit while eating in the kitchen, in front of the computer at work, meetings in conference rooms, with friends in restaurants, outdoors, in the garden or on the balcony, with the kids at the play table, in front of the TV in the living room. We sit, squat, loll, cower, throne. A lot of people spend more than eight hours in a sitting position. Thus for every occasion there is a matching chair.


Which seating furniture is best for which occasion, what is trend and what you should consider when buying, tells you Jochen Bähr, manager of Büroforum, Wohnforum and onlineshop www.einrichten-design.de:

Step 1


Think about for what you need the chair. Should it function as a seating means for the dining room or dinette in the kitchen, as addition for the reading corner in the living room, children´s room, for meeting in the office or outdoors?

planning competence

Step 2

Shape and style

Depending on the usage you can choose between upholstered chair with or without armrest, four leg or stool with different style from modern and stylish to romantic and playful country style or classic and timeless Bauhaus style or Nordic style.

Vitra Eames Plastic Side Chair DSR Ocean Front
HAY J110
Thonet S 64
ok design: Acapulco

Step 3


Depending on the usage and personal taste you can choose between different materials when buying a chair. A chair can be made of wood, plastic or wicker, with our without cushioning and these in different textiles. Jochen Bähr recommends chairs in plastic or wood for outdoors. Sometimes mix is best, for example a frame in steel and a seating shell in wood he adds. For public areas chairs without upholstery should be preferred.

Step 4


The colour of a chair can nearly always be choosen in regard to the material. With the colour choise you integrate the seating furniture tastefully into your existing interior or set a highlight with the chair as a colour touch. Please keep in mind the usage: Do not use light coloured upholstery when using it extensively.

Thonet S40
Cassina LC3 Outdoor-Sofa
Toy chair

Step 5


Consider movement and diversity in the living room. At best the chair is shaped ergonomically, has a slight rear tilt and supports the lumbar region. Rocking backrests, swinging chairs, adjustable armrests and rolling chairs support the need for movement, also at the dining or living room table. Seating heights vary from 41 to 46 cm.

Step 6

Weather resistance

Consider if your chair should be used for multiple purposes indoors as well as outdoors. For example the chairs by Weishäupl or Vitra are suitable for in- and outdoor use.

Stockholm II museum stool
Artek Rival rotating chair
virtra. Hal Armchair

Step 7


Chairs need little care normally. In most cases it is sufficient to treat the chair regularly with a suitable care product.

Step 8


hey sign

Felt pads with anti-skid coating. On stock normally, reasonably priced, small colour range.


Seat pads with high-quality anti-skid coating, 3 - 4 weeks delivery time, more expensive than Hey Sign, large colour range.

Vitra: Seat Dots

Round and padded allrounders in polyester. Price like Parkhaus seat pads. Normally on stock.


Beautify your chair with matching accessories, like seat cushions, backrest cushions or with felt covers for the feet.

Step 9


Every year new models are introduced in the market and the varity grows. Trend tips by Jochen Bähr: the museum stool by Lectus, model Stockholm, the Rival rotating chair by Artek and the Hal Armchair Wood by Vitra.

Step 10

Interior style tips

When the frame of table and chair match it is nearly always the perfect combination, for example a table with a slight curve looks best with a Tulip Chair. Also completely opposing materials can support each other in style. The trend at present is colour and/or plastic in combination with wood, for example a plastic chair together with a wooden table.

Try out the chairs:

Come to us. Büroforum has interior trends and designer furniture in its showroom. Take your time when buying and maybe a chair to try out at home.

Do you have any further questions? We are glad to assist you.

You can call the team phone: +49 (0)931 46798-28

or info@einrichten-design.com.

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