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Shipping costs and delivery

Note: Due to the current situation, some manufacturers may have to postpone delivery times. We ask you to excuse this. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How does my package get to me?

The delivery will be made within the time period stated on the product detail page of the ordered item.

We will be pleased to inform you about the delivery time of your desired article on request. Just give us a call at 0049 931 80992200. Please note that the information given here is always an estimated delivery time, which is communicated to us by the manufacturers. Delivery delays or faster deliveries are possible. In case of delivery delays we will inform you as soon as possible. You also have the possibility to leave a short note during the ordering process, at which time a delivery is not possible. We will then gladly take this into account.

Parcel service shipments

e.g. for home accessories, compact furniture or table lamps etc.

Forwarding Agent Consignments

e.g. for tables, large seating furniture or floor lamps etc.

Via parcel service:

  • Please check the delivered parcel for external damage and refuse the delivery if necessary. With your signature you confirm that you received the parcel in perfect condition. Should you accept the parcel despite visible outer damage the transport insurance is invalid and we cannot guarantee an exchange.

Via forwarder:

  • delivery appointment: If you receive your order via forwarder Kühne + Nagel or our own moving company you will be contacted via phone to arrange a delivery appointment. Should you not be available despite appointment please note that we have to charge the arising additional transport fees.

  • If delivery by truck is not possible due to the conditions on site, please notify us. Otherwise, the full costs will be charged. This includes, for example, narrow alleys, such as in the inner city area or similar.

  • delivery: Upon receipt of the delivery via forwarder unpack the goos in front of the driver and check for damages. Should the driver not wait that long sign under reservation as later claims are not accepted otherwise. Do not accept clearly damaged parcels but refuse the delivery. Please make sure that the driver notes slight damages of the packaging. Should there be a defect please notify einrichten-design immediately. We will make sure to send you a replacement. We We will arrange pick-up of the damaged goods. Please store damaged goods including packaging.

Individual and exhibition pieces

Please note that we also offer individual and exhibition pieces in our online shop. These are limited in number of pieces, so that they are reserved for intermediate sale.

Ordering conditions by country zone

Delivery organization Shipping costs details
  • delivery time: 1-3 working days
  • tracking via DHL Tracking
  • one delivery attempt, if customer not available goods will be delivered to post office or neighbour, notification by letter in your mailbox
  • delivery from Monday to Saturday
  • delivery: 1-2 working days
  • notification via E-Mail
  • up to 5 delivery attempts, then return to einrichten-design
  • delivery from Monday to Friday
  • € 20,-
  • only for goods fit for parcel shipment
  • orders done until 10:00 o´clock on workdays delivery will be delivered next workday
  • express is only possible for delivery within Germany
Forwarder Raben / Geis
  • Only for larger products such as chairs, armchairs or floor lamps
  • Shipping time: 3-5 working days
  • Telephone or mail notification
  • Free curbside delivery
  • Delivery from Monday to Friday (mostly in the morning to early afternoon)
  • No disposal of packaging / pallet

Please note that we have to charge the additional costs of the freight forwarder if, despite making an appointment, the recipient is not found or the furniture cannot be accepted on site.
If delivery is not possible during normal delivery times, we ask for feedback in advance.

VIP shipping
  • delivery is "free use" (for example in your living room) including unpacking of the goods and disposal of the packaging
  • previous delivery notification of a fixed delivery day after consultation with you. In addition 1h before delivery a telephone dispatch notification
  • delivery usually takes 5-10 business days for stock items
  • currently available in Germany for 60, - € and to Austria for 99, - € possible
  • we reserve the right to supply larger furniture for example, USM furniture, sofas, beds, ourselve or through our furniture forwarder (HMT / büroforum). (The delivery takes place here with telephone notification and incl. Contracts in your apartment)
  • we will gladly assemble your furniture ready for use. Here you can inquire.
Pick-up by customer
  • at the Citystore (Spiegelstraße 2, Wuerzburg)
  • in the head office (Edith-Stein-Straße 3, Wuerzburg)
  • you receive 3 % discount for pick-up
  • please note the individual delivery time displayed on the product page. Goods we have in stock normally leave our warehouse within 24 hours.
  • within Germany and Austria the delivery is free of charge from 40 €. If the value is less than € 40, shipping costs of € 4, - will be added.
  • for cash on delivery € 9,50 are charged.
  • delivery to DHL Packstation is possible. Just state the delivery address accordingly.

For Parcel-Shipping
  • From GBP 2.000,- : free shipping..
  • Under GBP 2.000,- : GBP 20,- shipping costs apply
  • ATTENTION: We only ship to the UK from 135 GBP value of goods (excluding shipping costs).
  • Costs for the buyer: Import tax at the rate of British VAT and any applicable customs duties.
Forwarding agent delivery
  • Up to GBP 750,- : GBP 150,- shipping costs
  • From GBP 750,- : about 20% of the value of goods
  • Costs for the buyer: Import tax at the rate of British VAT and applicable customs duties.
  • The shipping costs of 20% of the value of the goods are a guideline. Should you actual shipping costs deviate greatly from this guideline value, we reserve the right to cancel your order and provide you with a new offer with adjusted shipping costs. This may be the case for bulky products, for example.

  • German VAT of 19% is not charged for deliveries to the UK.
  • Delivery is "DDU" free domicile, duty unpaid. The import tax in the amount of the British VAT and any applicable customs duties will be invoiced to you directly by the shipping service provider.
  • We ship products that can be sent by parcel post to the UK with DHL. Larger deliveries are made with the freight forwarder Kühne + Nagel or our own freight forwarder.

Costs Details
Parcel service delivery
  • the delivery is free of charge from € 100,-.
  • if the value is less than € 100,- shipping costs of € 15, - will be added
  • costs for the buyer: Import tax equal to the Swiss VAT
Forwarding agent shipping
  • the delivery is free of charge from € 1.200,-.
  • if the value is less than € 1.200,- shipping costs of € 80, - will be added
  • costs for the buyer: Import tax equal to the Swiss VAT, customs/duty fees
  • no disposal of the packaging / possibly pallets

The German VAT of 19 % is not charged when shipping to Switzerland. Upon registration with a Swiss address in our shop or for orders from Switzerland the German VAT is deducted automatically. Delivery is "DDU" free domicile duty unpaid.

Customs/duty fees:

We deliver smaller parcels with DHL. In this case the customer has not to pay any customs/duty fees. For delivery of larger goods you will receive your order via forwarder.  Here max. 90,- to 110,- CHF are charged, in some cases it can be more than 110 CHF. invoiced directly by the forwarder to you. The parcel service / forwarder sends and invoice to you after delivery. There are no further costs for you!

If you state a German delivery address  as a Swiss customer we can pay back the German VAT after export to Switzerland and receipt of an invoice stamped by the Swiss customs. Please feel free to contact us for further questions.

Shipping costs details
  • delivery time: 3-6 working days
Parcel service delivery
  • free shipping from 60 €
  • if the value is less than € 60, shipping costs of € 8, - will be added
Forwarding agent shipping
  • free shipping from € 1.200, -
  • if the value is less than € 1.200, - shipping costs of € 60, - will be added
  • the island surcharge is depending on the postal code between 70 € and 500 €. Please inquire in advance. Otherwise we will inform you after order about the exact height.
  • no disposal of the packaging / possibly pallets
Shipping costs details
  • delivery time: 1-2 weeks
Parcel service delivery
  • Under € 2.000 ,- : € 15 ,- shipping costs
  • Above € 2.000 ,- : free shipping
Forward agent shipping
  • free shipping from 2.000€
  • if the value is less than 2.000 € shipping costs of 190,00 € will be added
  • For delivery to an island, an island surcharge between 75 and 500 euros will be added
  • No disposal of the packaging / possibly pallet
  • import tax in the amount of the respective recipient country and customs fees
Shipping costs details
upon request*
  • shipping costs cannot be told in advance for every product.
  • please send a request
  • we calculate the shipping costs for the desired product(s) and send you an individual offer
  • import tax in the amount of the respective recipient country and customs fees
Shipping costs details
  • Under € 400 ,- : € 40 ,- shipping costs
  • Above € 400 ,- : 40 % from the product value
  • arising customs fees are to be paid by the buyer
  • for products suitable for shipment via DHL shipping can be lower, we will inform in advance on request
  • The shipping costs of 40 % from the order value are a guideline. Should the actual shipping costs differ greatly from this guideline we reserve the right to cancel your order and send you a new offer with adapted shipping costs. This is the case with bulky and large goods.

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