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Excitement, play & order - furnishing the children's room

It is said that the spaces of childhood shape our later aesthetic preferences as well as personality. Moreover, children feel the effect of every room and explore their environment with all their senses. The design of a child's room can be a challenge and many questions come to mind. What needs to be considered? What is too much, what is too little? Will my child feel comfortable? How can I design the room in a child-friendly way?

In the following, we have compiled helpful tips and information on the subject "furnishing the children's rooms" for you and would like to inspire you a little with great design furniture and accessories - suitable for children!

The 3 zones

The children's room is fundamentally divided into three main zones with their respective functions.

Zone 1 - Sleep & RelaxThis area should radiate peace and quiet and occupy a protected place in the children's room.

Zone 2 - LearningThe focus here is on concentration. This is ensured by sufficient bright light and few distractions.

Zone 3 - Activity & PlayThe children's room should offer enough space for this zone. Create the necessary free space on the floor and separate this area from the quiet zone.

Tips & tricks for the kids room

  • Moving in a new piece of furniture? Air it out thoroughly, if possible, and look for any production defects, staples and nails etc. when unpacking
  • Also pay attention to certificates, age specifications and maximum weight
  • Eliminate sources of danger: Wobbly furniture should be fixed to the wall with brackets. Do not place low furniture at or near windows
  • You can also ensure a safe environment by using lockable window handles, child-proof sockets and corner and edge protectors on furniture

  • High-quality accessories and toys made of wood not only look great, but are also durable
  • A combination of beautiful and practical design is the trump card
  • Use eye-catching pieces of furniture as a style element in the children's room. In general, you can quickly and easily give the room an individual look with decorative ideas
  • Colourful does not necessarily mean child-friendly. The basic colours in the room should therefore be muted and calm. But you can play with colourful accents
  • A child explores its environment with all its senses. Create some visually stimulating areas outside the quiet zone. In addition to colours and shapes, different textiles should also be used

Trend: Skandi

The Scandinavian furnishing style still enjoys great popularity. The hygge trend has also conquered children's rooms. Many manufacturers, such as Carl Hansen & Søn, are therefore increasingly including lovingly designed collections in their portfolio that are specially designed for children.

Hygge conveys warmth, cosiness, simply a good feeling. It is only understandable that we also want this for our little ones and would like to furnish the children's rooms accordingly. Muted colour palettes and simple designs visually ensure peace in the room. So do the natural materials used, which also guarantee durability. With matching accessories and toys, you can set colour accents and freshen up the room.

To feel good: home accessories for the children's room

Everything in its place - Storage options

For a well lit children's room

For more inspiration, take a look at our children furniture experience world!

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