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Feel good & relax - bathroom furnishings

There are many things to consider when furnishing a bathroom, and some people find it difficult. The room should not appear too cool, be beautifully designed and yet tidy. But what is too much and what is too little? How do I keep the necessary order - especially in small bathrooms? And how do I make the bathroom look homely? We will be happy to answer these questions and, on top of that, we have some great tips and tricks on how you can furnish your bathroom in a cosy and stylish way. In our bathroom world of experience, we also highlight the topics of storage space, guest WC and much more!

First and foremost: colours and materials. When designing your bathroom, it's best to stick to one colour family. Especially in small bathrooms, too many colours can be overwhelming. Use carefully selected accessories to set colour accents. The following also applies when mixing materials: less is more. Feel free to emphasise your personal taste here, after all, you want it to look homely. Do you like ceramics or metal? Then show it off with the appropriate bathroom accessories!
Is your bathroom too cool? Use wood to create warmth and cosiness. Softwoods are generally ideal for the bathroom, as they are water-repellent. But pine, oak, larch and walnut also do not sponge up and release moisture.
Plants also create a homely atmosphere. If you want to use them, note that this is only possible in bathrooms with daylight. Unfortunately, inward-facing bathrooms without windows are not suitable for plants.
A cosy, calming furnishing in hygge style is very much in vogue. Fluffy textiles, light-coloured wooden furniture and plants are suitable for this. Or you can go all-in with Black & White. Use geometric shapes and architectural-looking furniture and lighten up with materials and structure (for example, with grained furniture or accessories with shimmer).

The right lighting

Basically, you should provide three types of light:

  • Basic light - this includes, for example, ceiling spotlights or pendant luminaires
  • Functional light - this includes specifically used lighting elements, such as mirror light or flexible wall luminaires. Ideally, mirror light should be side-mounted and glare-free
  • Mood lighting - soft, indirect lighting is also important to create a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom. In addition to indirect luminaires, candles also provide the necessary feel-good flair

When buying, look for IP protection class IP X4 - this stands for luminaires that are protected against splashing water and is particularly important for light sources installed near wet areas.

And last but not least: Use several light sources that can ideally be dimmed and changed in colour to perfectly illuminate your bathroom according to your needs.

Using storage space wisely

  • Drawers are perfect for smaller items. They can be well organised and keep everyday items hidden yet within reach
  • If a drawer under the washbasin is not possible, install shelves next to it. Preferably ones that open at the side to support the tidy look
  • With a mirror cabinet, you have a practical 2-in-1 - a mirror to make yourself pretty and invisible storage space that keeps hidden what should be hidden from view
  • Use the entire space and provide storage in the shower, by the bath, in the corners and on the walls
  • Free objects, such as storage boxes, baskets, roller containers or towel ladders are storage space and decorative objects at the same time, and can be easily moved around or replaced as needed. What's more, there is no need for tedious drilling and screwing

Tips for the small bathroom

  • Well-used storage space is more important than ever. Make use of every surface, every protrusion as well as every small niche and also think in terms of height
  • But avoid too many open shelves. Otherwise, small bathrooms in particular will quickly look cluttered and untidy
  • The brighter and tidier the bathroom, the larger it will appear. Opt for a lot of closed storage space and light colours for the furnishings and decorations
  • Mirrors or reflective surfaces make the room appear larger
  • Use multifunctional furniture, such as mirrored cabinets or baskets with storage space

More tips & tricks

  • Use open shelves to present what you want to be seen. For example, your favourite perfume, high-quality towels or beautiful decorations
  • Do not completely close your shelves, but leave free spaces. Stow away small items such as shower gel and shampoo in chic boxes to create visual calm
  • Natural materials such as wood, stone, cotton and linen provide the necessary feel-good factor. Add colourful accents with boxes, towels, curtains and other accessories
  • Repurpose products from unsightly packaging into stylish bathroom accessories. But it's not just the eye that wants to be stimulated, our sense of smell does too: Therefore, also use scented candles and oils! Pictures and plants make the bathroom extra cosy
  • The icing on the cake: place a piece of furniture in the bathroom that doesn't really belong there and create that extra portion of cosiness with an armchair, stool or side table

Last but not least: The guest WC

  • What should not be missing: paper holder, toilet brush set, mirror, shelf, door hook, storage surface, small cupboard
  • A ceiling light is not enough in the guest WC. Provide light sources at the mirror so that your guests can freshen up nicely
  • Use various mirrors, pictures and other decorative elements such as flowers in small vases or perfume bottles to complement the overall picture

Create cosiness with vases and candles

Great storage options for the bathroom

Side tables and stools for extra homeliness

Let yourself be inspired by other home accessories for the bathroom!


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