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GUIDE: Armchairs

To come home after a stressful day and get comfortable on the sofa is a wish of many Germans. About 223 minutes per day are spent in front of the television.

To prevent back and neck pain during a prolonged television evening an increasing number of people choose an armchair. It offers not only comfortable evenings in front of the television but is also great for reading, relaxing and pleasant conversations.

9 tips when buying an armchair:

Step 1


Think of where the armchair should be placed and how much space is needed for your favourite item. Take into account that the armchair may have an extendable footrest or that a stool should be placed in front of the armchair.

Tip: With a stool the legs and the heart are relieved and the blood can flow more easily to the body centre.

Step 2


Ask yourself the question for which purpose you want to use the armchair and who uses it how. Do you want to read, watch television, relax or do you need two for retreating with your partner for discussions? If you are clear on this, you can choose between a club or lounge model, television armchair, rattan chair, relax or massage armchair, wing chair, swing or rocking chair.

Step 3


There are armchairs without adjustable backrest, like the Lounge Chair by Vitra, as well as armchairs with adjustable backrest alike to a swivel chair.

Tip: Choose an adjustable backrest, then it can be adapted individually and versatile used as a reading or television armchair. A good example is the Grand Repos by Vitra. If you prefer automatic adjustment then we recommend the model ROB by COR.

Step 4

Interior style:

Choose style, colour and pattern of the armchair according to your existing furniture. Do you want a fabric or leather armchair? Whether floral pattern, lively square or stripe pattern or plain coloured with our without quilting, all is possible.

Tip: An armchair will be an eye-catcher in combination with modern and puristic furniture and is a tasteful change in style.

Step 5

Trend wing armchair:

The wing chair is a classic and celebrates its comeback. It is an eye-catcher in every home and thanks to its variety of style, colour and pattern it can be combined with every interior styling. When purchasing look for a stable frame and solid feet. Cushioning and springing are also important criteria for buying.

Step 6

Outdoor armchair:

Relaxing outside is possible in every season with the rattan armchair. It is available with or without cushion and suitable for terrace, garden, balcony or sunroom. When buying look for the rattan twigs to be processed well.

Step 7


Get to know the advantages and disadvantages and the quality of an armchair. We love to advice you and will give you an overview of different armchairs, the usage and customer reviews. Call us or come to our showroom in Würzburg.

Step 8

Choice and price comparison:

In our onlineshop www.einrichten-design.de we offer you a wide selection and a more objective price comparison while you will often find limited selection in a furniture store.

Step 9


The same principals apply to care as for buying a sofa. Please refer to our sofa guide. A regular care extends the life span of an armchair and your joy.

Do you have any further questions?

We are glad to assist you.

You can call the team phone: +49 (0)931 46798-28

or info@einrichten-design.com.

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