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Vitra designer furniture

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Vitra was founded in 1950 by Willi Fehlbaum in Birsfelden / Switzerland. There, the company still has its headquarters.

Vitra is one of the most prestigious and well-known manufacturer of designer furniture. Since 1957 Vitra has manufactured design classics of world famous designers like Charles & Ray Eames and George Nelson.

Building on this foundation a wide range of furnishings for the office, for the home and for the public sector developed over the years in collaboration with progressive designers.

Vitra wrote design history with the production of the legendary Panton Chair created by Designer Verner Panton in 1967.

Vitra Designer

The manufacturer Vitra works with numerous well-known designers and architects. Vitra is pursuing a particular view: designers are not seen as contractors by the company, but appear as authors. In a trusting interaction Vitra is constantly striving to ensure product performance and keeps the company's major values in mind. Particular importance is given to creative freedom, know-how in manufacturing and market knowledge. In the 50-year company history, some authors had the opportunity to contribute both to history and to the success of the family business. The following lines provide a brief overview.

Ray & Charles Eames

Charles Eames, who was born on 17 June 1907 in Missouri, together with his wife Ray Eames (1912 - 1988) contributed especially to the reputation of the furniture manufacturer Vitra. The couple is responsible not only for world-famous designer pieces as the Lounge Chair, but has given Vitra an insight in design which value still plays a crucial role today.

George Nelson

George Nelson, who for the first time came into contact with Vitra in 1957, can be considered as a crucial author for the family. Not only has he made a significant contribution to the design philosophy, but he also created pop art furniture like the Coconut Chair by Vitra. The archives of the award-winning designer and architect is managed by the Vitra Design Museum.

Verner Panton

In the early 60s Vitra could win over the author Verner Panton. In 1967, the cooperation paid of especially: The first product, which was developed with Vitra's own direction, the Panton Chair landed a great success.

Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry is an award winning architect with 13 honorary doctorates from renowned universities (including Harvard and Yale) Award and is considered one of the greatest American architects. Vitra not only had the honor to customize the defining elements such as the Wiggle Side Chair or the Wiggle Stool, but also trusted Frank Gehry with the architecture of the Vitra Center in Basel, the Vitra Design Museum and manufacturing facility in Weil am Rhein.

Vitra Campus

The Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein includes many buildings and architectural masterpieces of important architects. The buildings by Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Tadao Ando and many others have made him a favorite stop for design enthusiasts. The first was Frank Gehry in 1989, when he received from Vitra commissioned to design the Vitra Design Museum.

The Vitra Campus offers visitors a variety of possibilities. They can be educated about the history of architecture in a tour, or sign up for one of the changing events or workshops at the Vitra Design Musem. Also, events and exhibitions take place in the museum. A source of inspiration is the Vitra house where the Vitra Home Collection is shown. There are also other impressive buildings such as the Conference Pavilion, the production hall, the dome or the fire station. Set apart by design to the last detail (including even the bus stop and the gas station) the Vitra Campus has become a favorite stop for architecture lovers all around the world.

Vitra Design Museum

Vitra Design Museum

The world famous Vitra Design Museum - a tribute to all the participating architects and designers - was born out of a desire to document the own history of Vitra and their influence. The company owner of Vitra, Rolf Fehlbaum began collecting furniture designs of designers like Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson, Alvar Aalto and Jean Prouvé. With increasing growth of the collection, the desire arose for a building as a presentation venue for the objects.

In 1986 already Fehlbaum developed the idea of a design museum and 1987 he contacted the architect Frank Gehry for the planned Vitra museum. That same year, Fehlbaum met the later director of the Vitra Museum, Alexander von Vegesack through Ray Eames. Together Fehlbaum and von Vegesack developed the idea of a public operating museum. On November 3, 1989, the Vitra Museum was opened and the pictures of Frank O. Gehry's unconventional building, his first work in Europe, went around the world.

Today, the Vitra Design Museum is a global cultural institution whose traveling exhibitions are displayed in museums worldwide.

Vitra Haus

Vitra Haus

Created to meet the needs of an appropriate exhibition space, the Vitra House is the latest addition to the Vitra Campus. Designed by architects Herzog & de Meuron, customers can view the Vitra Home Collection there. The extraordinary design of the house is based on gable houses and has several gable roofs. Consisting of 12 individual houses the design forms a unique overall picture which plays with its surroundings impressively through the combination of glazed front sides and dark facade.

Vitra Collection

Not only is the design world subject to constant change. Therefore the "Modeller" as they dubbed designers who were born in England have to constantly deal with the changing demands of the target segments. In recent years, the trend has developed, for example to an increase in work-life balance, whose maxim is to balance work and personal lives by separating the sectors as far as possible. Also, Vitra has responded to this shift with a division of the product portfolio:

Home Collection

Vitra Home Collection

The Home Collection includes pieces from designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, Verner Panton and George Nelson. With the aim to make the furniture appear more personal and intimate, a collage concept was introduced. The high-quality preparation of design pieces and optical stability are not the last one of the most important success factors of Vitra. Following up on these triumphs of the past Vitra builds on the current cooperation with designers such as Bouroullec, Grcic or Häberli.

Spare parts

After some time a Vitra chair is also getting a bit long in the tooth. In our online shop you can order spare parts.
On request we are pleased to help you and advise you concerning spare seat shells and frames.


Office Collection

Vitra Office Collection

In the field of Office Collection Vitra had its breakthrough with office chairs. Already with the emergence of the division in 1976, efforts were made at a known furniture fair in Cologne, to excite visitors with Vitramat - a chair by designer Wolfgang Deisig. In the further course the projects were particularly influenced by Italian designs, until finally the still up-to-date series of Vitra office chairs was introduced. Besides office chairs modern office furniture is offered which should facilitate everyday work with exceptional functionality. As Vitra regards the office as a kind of living enviroment, it is seen as particularly important to adapt the equipment to meet the needs of the individual.

Public Collection

Vitra Public Collection

With the Public Collection Vitra addresses to public spaces. Thus, Vitra strives for example, in the sector of Education for optimal teaching and learning requirements with comfortable, purpose-built equipment. The various furniture directions should stimulate creativity and direct the signals of the objects and spaces optimally. Should a room radiate for example calm or should it be furnished expressively? Supported by research efforts in the education sector one looks forward innovatively and tries to promote and support the teaching methods of the future.


Vitra and Artek - united by design. This slogan describes a new partnership that began between the two companies on September 6, 2013 by the purchase of the company Artek by Vitra. Artek is a Finnish design company that can be described as one of the most innovative in the industry. It combines the fields of architecture, design and art in a forward-looking nature. Vitra takes great care despite the takeover to let Artek continue as an independent business division and if needed coordinate the know-how of individual business areas such as manufacturing, distribution and logistics.

Artek is particularly well-known for pieces of furniture and lamps, which are distributed under the name of designer Alvar Aalto. In addition, Artek works with many well-known global architects including Eero Aarnio, Harri Koskinen and Enzo Mari.

Further information on Vitra can be found here: www.vitra.com

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