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Alessi - everything is design

Who does not know it? Alessi is now one of the most famous Italian brands in the world. The roots of this traditional company reach back to a small metal workshop and foundry which Giovanni Alessi founded in 1921 in Italian Omegna.

With the entry of Carlo Alessi in the fifties, the family gradually became the leading manufacturer of high quality kitchen items, as we know it today. Already in his forties, he designed his successful Bombé collection: a silver-plated coffee service refined with apple tree wood. In the sixties mainly restaurants and hotels were customers of Alessi. True classics such as the sugar bowl 55 and the wire basket 826 were created.

To this day the creativity and the amazingly high output from Alessi are unbroken. Every year the design studio surprises us with many charming, original objects, intended to beautify living spaces. Alessi-Design is everywhere!

The Alessi Collections

In 2006 Alessi divided its products into three major brands which received no independent identities but are rather three different expressions of the same company. In addition, there are versatile collections arising partly in cooperation with renowned partners.

    Juice Salif Zitronenpresse
  • Alessi Collection
  • The Alessi brand includes the exquisite range of innovative and high-quality household goods. Under this name true design classics such as Philippe Starck's famous lemon squeezer Juicy Salif or the bathroom series Birillo by Piero Lissoni are offered. The collection is located in the mid to upper price segment.

  • A di Alessi
  • A di Alessi presents the best design at an affordable price and therefore sees itself as a brand of democratic design. Here you can find colourful series by Stefano Giovannoni such as Paradise Bird and Banana. The objective of the brand is to offer high quality design products for a wide audience.

  • Officina Alessi
  • Among this brand you will find unique products with an innovative, exclusive or experimental design. Because the objects in question are usually produced in small quantities or even limited editions, they are higher priced. The collections of Officina Alessi are true milestones of contemporary design.

The designers of Alessi

Alessi sees itself as a "research laboratory of Applied Arts". The manufacturer does not employ its own designers. It works together rather closely with international famous designers and uses the creativity of up to 500 design experts for its think tank. So Alessi balances skillfully between a utopia of the designs and their feasibility. The result is original, attractive and unique objects of highest quality which know how to surprise time and time again.

  • Michael Graves (1934-2015)
  • He also stands for trend-setting architecture as well as for innovative product design: Michael Graves is an all-rounder who has designed numerous watches besides dishes, lamps, jewellery and carpets. His bird flute kettle from 1984 sold over half a million times and helped the Italian manufacturer to break through. In addition to various cans and kettles, he designed a corkscrew, an egg timer and an espresso cup for Alessi.

    La Cupola Espressokaffeekanne
  • Aldo Rossi (1931-1997)
  • Aldo Rossi was a famous architect and directional for the design of the 20th century. Through his participation in the Alessi Tea & Coffee Piazza project as a leading architect, he made himself a name in the eighties as a designer. As a result, he designed more products for the Italian manufacturer, such as La Conica and La Cupola, the famous espresso cans.

  • Philippe Starck
  • The French designer Philippe Starck was born in Paris in 1949 and is now one of the most famous representatives of the "New Design". He designs spectacular interiors next to simple everyday objects. One of his most famous creations is the rocket-shaped lemon squeezer Juicy Salif, which he designed in 1990 for Alessi.

Alessi with its wide range of tabletop design is one of the most respected companies internationally.Well-known designer like Achille Castiglioni, Carlo Mazzeri, Alessandro Mendini, Aldo Rossi, Philippe Starck or Matteo Thun have developed a program, which lays between mass production and avant-garde design, for years .

Mediterraneo Obstschale

The latest Alessi products include the cork-screw «Anna G» (1994) by Alessandro Mendini, the espresso maker «Cobàn» (1997) by Richard Sapper,the cutlery «Strelka» (2003) by Marc Newson as well as the fruit bowl «Mediterraneo » (2005) inspired from the underwater world by the jewellery designer Emma Silvestris.

Further information about Alessi can be found on: www.alessi.com

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