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Alessi – dreamlike home accessories from Italy

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MDL06 Plissé Water Boiler Alessi


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JM14/35 BT Round TrayBlack Alessi SINGLE PIECES

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Mattina Butter dish BG04 Alessi


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Photo frame BBA01 Alessi


Photo frame KP01 Alessi


05 G Walter Wayle II Wall Clock Alessi


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370 Citrus/fruit basket Alessi


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90024 Sugar bowl with spoon Alessi


90039 Foix tray round Alessi


90084 Sarrià Bowl Alessi


9091 FM Kettle Alessi


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9093 Water boiler Alessi


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9093 VA Kettle Alessi LIMITED EDITION


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9093/1 LAZ Kettle Alessi


9093/1 Y Kettle Alessi


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9096 B Cream jug Alessi


A Tempo Dish drainer Alessi


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A402/90 Teapot Series A400 Alessi


A404 Sugar bowl series A400 Alessi


A411 Creamer Series A400 Alessi


Abfallkorb Birillo PL10 W


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further variants available
ABI04 Pianissimo basket bowl Alessi


Alessi - everything is design

Whoever has fallen in love with the products of Alessi, will recognize novelties of the northern Italian manufacturer mostly at first sight - so unique are the designs, so timeless is their aesthetic. The company, located in Omegna in Piedmont, proves with every new collection that it follows its self-proclaimed reputation as a "dream factory" with the greatest passion. From household goods to furniture and a wide range of home accessories - the unique design objects inspire people all over the world.

To a large extent, the success is due to the high-quality materials and the craftsmanship of production. But when the objects leave the design manufactory, the creative power of the internationally acclaimed designers who put all their skills into the designs becomes particularly apparent. It is thanks to them that the Alessi products have not only artistic but also functional value.

The history of Alessi

Already in 1921 Giovanni Alessi and his brother founded FAO (Fratelli Alessi Omegna), a company specialized in metal household goods. The exquisite products made of copper, brass or nickel silver quickly gained regional recognition. When later Giovanni's son Carlo, himself a trained industrial designer, joins the company, the products become more unusual, but the Second World War puts a stop to these new ambitions again. In the 50s the step into industrial production is made, in the future stainless steel is used instead of soft metals. The cooperation with independent designers is expanded, collections for the hotel and catering industry are created.

The polished, satined steel products quickly conquer the international markets and Alessi is honoured at the Triennale in Milan. When finally Alberto Alessi, the grandson of the founder, joined the company in 1970, the essence of art and its functionality was to be explored more closely - a process that is still going on at Alessi today and is expressed in many fruitful collaborations, among others with Aldo Rossi (La Cupola espresso machine), Michael Graves (bird flute water kettle) or Philippe Starck (Juicy Salif lemon squeezer) and many more. In the 90s, other materials such as wood, plastic, glass or ceramics are included in the development. Continuous striving for renewal, a distinctive, artistic basic idea and intensive scouting for new design talents - all this makes Alessi one of the most exciting, Italian design companies of the present.

Interesting things about Alessi

  • Alberto Alessi's ambitions were often connected with creative, but also with economic frontiers. His so-called concept produced bold products, which were not always crowned with success. When he wanted to have works of art produced in series in the 70s as part of the research project Alessi d`Après, he invited the eccentric Salvador Dalí to design a sculpture for Alessi. But when the engineers despaired of the tricky casting moulds and the project "Mulitpli d'Arte" rather caused head shaking among the people, it was stopped.
  • In 1998 the Alessi-Museum was opened, which can be visited by appointment. There are many historical snapshots on display, which give an insight into the history of the dream factory. In addition to 30,000 products and prototypes, there are over 9,000 drawings, 20,000 photographs and many other relevant artifacts from the history of Alessi.

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