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K1 Cabinet Nils Holger Moormann

colour schwarz


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Moormann K1 is a cabinet system which you can extend, consisting of wide and slim elements.
K1 is also often used as  a room divider.

Here we offer the slim version.

- 1 element wide version with 1 shelf with clothes rail, 1 shelf located at bottom

The cupboard system K1 by Nils Holger Moormann is flexible. We gladly send you a free and
non-binding offer. Contact us! 



Construction without tools.

Per K1 Element up to 5 shelves are possible. The position of the shelves is set by Moormann.
You can only attach one door on every side panel

The elements have the following sizes:

base element: 35.5 cm
extension element: 31.5 cm

base element: 55.5 cm
extension element: 51.5 cm


MDF white or black. fittings: stainless steel. rivets: polyamid black

It is recommended to mount the Moormann cupboard system on wall or ceiling.

Product number: Nils_Holger_Moormann_K1_Schranksystem_schmal.2
Manufacturer Nils Holger Moormann
Year of design 2010
Designer Neuland Paster & Geldmacher
K1 - Bsp 1 (schmal)
Shipping method Normal parcel shipment
Material MDF

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