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Design furniture from Moroso Diesel

Unconventional cooperation

Moroso Diesel is the unique liaison between a traditional Italian furniture manufacturer and an unconventional fashion and lifestyle brand. Moroso Diesel stands for a relaxed lifestyle that combines unsurpassed cosiness with high-quality design. With "Sucessful Living", Moroso Diesel has created a collection that is both casual and comfortable.

The development of Moroso Diesel was an important step for both parties. The creative team at Diesel was led by Wilbert Das. The idea was to develop an alternative furniture collection that combines two coexisting but different contemporary trends: a dark, enigmatic, almost aggressive aesthetic, combined with visual brightness and inviting, soft shapes. At least that's how Patricia Moroso, who personally oversaw the creative process for Moroso Diesel, puts it.

Discover the classic Moroso design furniture now:

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My Moon My Mirror Moroso Diesel


AeroZeppelin table Moroso Diesel


further variants available
AeroZeppelin Table oval Moroso Diesel


Chubby Chic Pouf Ø 100 cm Moroso Diesel


further variants available
Chubby Chic Pouf Ø 45 cm Moroso Diesel


further variants available
Cloudscape armchair Moroso Diesel


further variants available
Galaxy Low Table Oval Moroso Diesel


Galaxy Low Table Round Moroso Diesel


My Moon My coffee Table Moroso Diesel


Nebula Nine pillow 60x60 cm Moroso Diesel


further variants available
Nebula Nine Sofa 220x110 cm Moroso Diesel


further variants available
Nebula Nine Sofa 280x110 cm 3 seater sofa Moroso Diesel


further variants available
Nebula Nine Sofa 280x140 cm Moroso Diesel


further variants available
Nebula Nine Sofa 330x110 cm Moroso Diesel


further variants available
Nebula Nine Sofa 330x140 cm Moroso Diesel


further variants available
Nizza Chair Moroso Diesel


In stock

Nizza Chair Moroso Diesel SINGLE PIECES

US$337.66*   US$286.36*

In stock

Nizza coffee table Moroso Diesel


further variants available
Nizza stool Moroso Diesel


further variants available
Nizza table Moroso Diesel


further variants available
Overdyed Lounge Chair Moroso Diesel


further variants available
Overdyed Side Chair Diesel Moroso


further variants available

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