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For the perfect sleep: ideas & inspiration for your bedroom

You should pay attention to this

The bedroom serves as a place for rest and relaxation like no other. Whether your day was exhausting or not, in the bedroom you should come to rest, relax and have time all to yourself. For this to succeed, the room should be furnished in such a way that you feel comfortable

  • Choose the right bed - because the bed is the heart of every bedroom. In addition to the size, you should also pay attention to the storage space factor when choosing. Because especially in small rooms, it makes sense to choose a bed that has storage space or can easily be added to underneath the storage space. 

  • Determine a colour family - Harmonious colours create a calm atmosphere in the bedroom. It often makes sense to use muted colours to create a pleasant atmosphere

  • Pay attention to the details - a carpet in the bedroom not only looks appealing, but also ensures warm feet when you get up, because you don't step directly onto the cool parquet or tiles. Other textiles such as cushions and blankets ensure that your bedroom is particularly cosy

And this also needs to be thought of

  • Sufficient storage space - the bedroom usually also serves as a dressing room. Accordingly, you should make sure that there is sufficient storage space. Whether you prefer wardrobes, sideboards or open solutions is up to you. 

  • The right light - in the bedroom, indirect lighting is essential for a cosy and harmonious atmosphere. If you like to read in bed, you should always choose a suitable bedside lamp

  • TV, laptop, smartphone & co. - it is actually logical and self-evident: a good night's sleep should not be disturbed by electrical devices. It is best to banish them directly from the bedroom. 

  • Do you have a lot of space in your bedroom? Then consider integrating an armchair with a stool into your room in addition to the classic furnishings such as bed, wardrobe and bedside table. This way you create additional places of retreat that you can use for yourself without it being about sleep. 

The heart of the bedroom


The focus of the bedroom is the bed. Whether single or double bed, wood or metal - we offer you different models and variants of our design beds. 

No matter which style you prefer, you are sure to find the right bed here.

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Belongs to

Bedside tables

A bedside table not only rounds off the overall visual appearance of a bedroom, it also serves as storage space for everyday odds and ends. 

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Illuminates your surroundings

Bedside luminaires

Besides indirect lighting, bedside lamps are the most important source of light in the bedroom. Here you will find classic and unusual lamps. 

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Clothes well stored


Store your clothes not only practically, but also in style. Our selection of wardrobes offers the right choice for every type - you're sure to find what you're looking for here. 

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Furnishing mistakes you should avoid...

  • always placing the bed centrally on the wall - it does not always make sense to place the bed centrally on the wall. For many people, the position of the bed in relation to the door is more significant for their well-being, as the door in the back is often perceived as uncomfortable. Our tip: try it out! Take a blanket, place it where you want your future bed to be and lie down. In this way, you will quickly find out whether the bed is comfortable and in the right position for you

  • Set up a home office in the bedroom - especially in small flats or where space is limited, the home office often disappears into the bedroom. Yet a separation of work and sleep is of great importance for your well-being. If you can't avoid having a home office in the bedroom, it's best to use screens, curtains and plenty of storage space to keep it as separate as possible. 

  • Do without the bedside table - whether it's handkerchiefs, a bedside lamp, books, your glasses, the alarm clock, the smartphone: in almost every household there are things that are stored on or in a bedside table. Even if the use doesn't seem sensible to you at first, as a rule everyone needs a storage space by the bed. Our tip: use a bedside table in which you can also store your underwear or socks in a drawer, for example, so you have a 2-in-1 solution and more space in your wardrobe.

Attractive storage space


Not everyone wants to store their clothes in a wardrobe, or has the space to do so. Beautifully designed sideboards offer the opportunity to store your clothes and also provide space for decoration. 

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For cosiness


Nobody likes cold feet, especially not after getting up! That's why we recommend using a carpet or runner in the bedroom. What's more, a beautifully shaped rug makes any area feel directly homelier. 

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To cuddle

Cushions & textiles

A cosy atmosphere is created by a mixture of different details - especially in the bedroom, cushions and textiles are particularly important. With us you will find various design textiles. 

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Do you need support?

Room planning

We make living(t)dreams come true - get professional advice and support from our in-house interior designers in designing your space - with true-to-life 3D visualisations. 

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Our mission

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