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Zieta - Where innovation meets form

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  • Innovative FIDU technology
  • Forward-looking design philosophy
  • Fusion of art and technology

Design furniture from Zieta at a glance:


Bolid mirror Zieta


Chippensteel 0,5 Stuhl von Zieta


further variants available
Comb coat rack 50 cm yellow Zieta SINGLE PIECE

US$298.49*   US$205.21*

In stock

Comb Coat Rack Zieta


further variants available
Crash Table Dining Table Zieta


Drab Men servant Zieta


further variants available
Koza Table Frame Zieta


Koziol Table Frame Zieta


Kozka Table Frame Zieta


Nogi Table Frame Zieta


Nucleus mirror Zieta


further variants available
Oko inox mirror Zieta


further variants available
Pins Wardrobes Hook Zieta


further variants available
Plopp Chippensteel / kitchen stool Zieta


further variants available
Plopp Mini Stool von Zieta


further variants available
Plopp standard stool Zieta


further variants available
Rondel 36 Mirror inox Zieta


Rondo Transitions dark matt Zieta


further variants available
Rondo Mirror Ø 95 cm Zieta SINGLE PIECES

US$2,052.10*   US$1,744.29*

In stock

Rondo Mirror Rondo Gold Zieta


further variants available
Rondo Mirror Zieta


In stock

further variants available
Snopek Coat Rack Zieta


Tafla C5 Mirror Zieta


further variants available
Tafla O5 Mirror Zieta


further variants available

Air pressure moulded products: Lightness meets stability 

The products created using this innovative technology offer a fascinating contrast of lightness and stability. They have become firmly established in the home and contract sector, particularly as unique seating furniture. The design world of ZIETA is characterised by this unique combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Zieta - design that shapes the future

In 2009, Polish architect Oskar Zieta founded ZIETA, a design studio that has been pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation ever since. The basis of this creative masterpiece is the "FIDU technology" developed by Oskar during his studies at the ETH in Zurich. 

This ground-breaking technology is based on the free internal pressure forming of thin steel sheets welded together using air pressure. With the ability to inflate metal using air pressure, it allows for a controlled loss of control. Not limited to steel, this technology is also applied to other metals such as aluminium and copper.

ZIETA's process design approach not only sets the tone for creative development, but also forms the foundation for the application of FiDU technology. Controlling the production process results in unique shapes where functionality and aesthetic beauty go hand in hand.

FiDU technology thus opens up a world of possibilities. It makes it possible to create customised moulds without expensive tools. The potential of this technology ranges from architecture to other industries. With a strong focus on collector's value, durability and functionality, FiDU technology will continue to revolutionise the design landscape.

Zieta's design philosophy: setting trends, not following them

ZIETA's design philosophy does not follow trends; it sets them. By merging art and design, the team creates timeless objects that go beyond mere pieces of furniture. Here, imperfections are accepted in order to create objects that boldly take on the challenges of the future.

Recognised in renowned museums

Since 2009, FIDU products have been awarded numerous design prizes and have found their way into the collections of world-famous museums, including the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich and the Zurich Design Museum. Each piece tells a story that reflects the creative spirit of ZIETA.

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