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Foscarini – impressive design luminaires from Northern Italy

Foscarini Logo

  • Lighting concepts with an artistic character

  • Form and light are equally important in product development

  • Luminaires made of hand-blown glass, aluminium, stainless steel, polycarbonate and many other high-quality materials


Allegretto Assai Ceiling light Foscarini


Allegretto Ritmico Pendant light Foscarini


further variants available
Allegro Assai Deckenleuchte Foscarini


further variants available
Allegro Ritmico Ceiling light Foscarini


further variants available
Allegro Vivace Deckenleuchte Foscarini


further variants available
Anisha Grande / Piccola LED Table lamp Foscarini


further variants available
Aplomb Halogen/LED wall lamp Foscarini


further variants available
Aplomb Large LED Pendant light Foscarini White


further variants available
Aplomb Mini Pendant light Foscarini


further variants available
Aplomb Pendant light Foscarini brown


further variants available
Aplomb Pendant light GREY Foscarini SINGLE PIECES

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Bahia Mini Wall lamp LED dimmable Foscarini


further variants available
Bahia Wall lamp Foscarini LED


further variants available
Big Bang Hanging Lamp Foscarini


further variants available
Big Bang L Pendant light LED Foscarini


further variants available
Big Bang LED Hanging Lamp Foscarini


further variants available
Big Bang XL Pendant light LED Foscarini


further variants available
Binic table lamp Foscarini


further variants available
Birdie Easy Tavolo Table lamp Foscarini


further variants available
Birdie Grande LED Table lamp Foscarini Graphite


further variants available
Birdie Lettura Floor lamp Foscarini


further variants available
Birdie Pendant light Foscarini


further variants available
Birdie Piccola LED Table lamp Foscarini Aqua green


further variants available
Birdie Piccola table lamp Foscarini


further variants available

This is Foscarini

Foscarini is a northern Italian manufacturer of designer luminaires based in Marcon, a municipality on the Venetian mainland. The products inspire enthusiasts worldwide with their extraordinarily creative designs, which are effective both day and night. Innovative concepts, shapes and ideas are an integral part of the company's mission statement. During development, Foscarini sets high standards for itself. These can be felt in all aspects of the company's philosophy: from the quality of the materials used, to the meticulous craftsmanship and the design process itself - this is where Italian passion meets perfection.

Instead of working to specifications, the renowned designers enjoy great freedom in the development process. True to the guiding principle of Fare Luce, they harmonise form and lighting, playing with light and shadow to create something completely new in the end. In this way, some of Foscarini's designer luminaires have achieved international cult status and have even been given a place in the Museum of Modern Art.

The history of Foscarini

Foscarini was founded in 1981 on the Venetian island of Murano and was initially active as a company for lighting solutions in the contract sector. It was not until the mid-1980s that the company moved into the design lighting business. With Lumiere, a design by Rodolfo Dordoni, Foscarini received international attention for the first time in 1990. Many other designers are commissioned, such as Ferruccio Laviani(Orbital) and Jozeph Forakis(Havana). The company moved its headquarters to Marcon in 1994 in order to be able to expand. At the turn of the millennium, Marc Sadler is commissioned to design the two award-winning Mite and Tite luminaires for Foscarini.

As the company's success grows, so does its product range: Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto(Caboche), Ludovica and Roberto Palomba(Gregg), Vicente Garcia Jimenez(Le Soleil) and many more continue to contribute exciting designs. The company becomes a sponsor of the Venice Biennale and signs a licence agreement with Diesel for the Diesel Living with Foscarini collection. Since the opening of two branches in Milan and New York in 2013, Foscarini has been one of the most influential manufacturers of designer lighting worldwide. To date, over 30 of the most sought-after international designers have contributed to the product portfolio.

Interesting facts about Foscarini

  • The original location on Murano has strongly influenced the company. Since the 14th century, the island north-east of Venice's historic centre has been known for its glass production. The so-called Murano glass from the local factories is valued as an exclusive product and is used for the manufacture of various products. Until 1993, Foscarini exclusively used this mouth-blown glass for its lights. Even though many innovative materials have been added to date, the high-quality glass remains an integral part of Foscarini's product signature.

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